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Katana bullet deflection probability crunch:

Posted by S-Ranker on Thursday,8th July, 2010

Ever seen movies and anime where sword masters are able to deflect firearm projectiles and said to yourself:

‘How retarded, what are the chances of that happening?’

Well, you’re in luck, below is a dug up work of mine I once written to try to punch some sense into a friend who genuinely believed that ‘Samurai can block bullets’. I am not kidding.

Body surface area (BSA) for an average man is 1.9m^2; Wikipedia.

Divided percentage of BSA for each part of the body is displayed here.

In an actual situation, all surface area is within shooting range of a handgun except for one’s back, therefore 82% of the BSA is within firing range.

82% of 1.9m^2 is 1.558m^2

A katana’s length is 0.74m, and it’s width is 0.032m

I’m gonna be nice and pretend it’s a square area, and the the sword is held at width and not thickness, thereby increasing the area a little:


Finally, divide this by the BSA:


Multiply this by a hundred:

1.51% chance of success… that isn’t even a one in fifty.

And even if perchance they do cut a bullet, the remaining halves of the projectile would dig themselves into the weilder’s shoulders. That is only if the force moment of the bullet does not make their wrists come off of their arms.


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A take on human behavior A.K.A. Humans Are Crazy

Posted by S-Ranker on Sunday,4th April, 2010

I find myself often down, not depressed, but definitely not in joy either.

Building on this, I find myself rarely doing something that I end up being happy about. I mean, my standards and others standards (include time’s standard ((the invisible dimension, not the magazine))) are so out of sync: just last week, I ended up submitting a rushed paper that I felt was so goddamned pathetic that I didn’t even bother handing in a hard copy, and just stuck with submitting it online. Needless to say I got what was the only perfect grade out of all class members with a special (perhaps ‘only’) comment from the prof saying “very well written”. On the other side of the coin I just completed a logo design assignment that we were issued two weeks ago in two days, without an all-nighter, and feel so goddamn proud because I’ve been thinking it’ll be a last-minute rush, just like countless others.

People… well, at least me (in case someone someday provides definite disproof of my generalization ((that’s paranoia for ya))), have a tendency to crave the instantaneous minutes-long satisfaction of recent work instead of the long-term satisfaction of months, even years, worth of work: My last semester was arguably the only good one I had as of yet, with all but one of my subjects being A’s (the other one was B+), and then the whole satisfaction, quantified, from that event is dwarfed, even microsized, by the satisfaction I’ve just recently had about the logo project.

Humans Are Crazy. Given that I can still be called one.

Oh and I talked about this with a friend of mine (who’s ‘englishly’ challenged) and I stated: “Trouble is[,] my bar is so unhealthily high[,]  that I rarely feel it when I do something good. Sad i know XP”. And I think his response contains too many double o’d ‘lols’ and something among the lines of  ‘…still great that you enjoyed it…’ for me to safely assume he got what I meant, and not something that would make the writer of three’s company chew his fingernails in frustration (and I’m assuming it’s a ‘his’ because the media says only men are perverts ).

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Random thought train (FIRST OFFICIAL POST)

Posted by S-Ranker on Wednesday,24th March, 2010

Picture this.

You have two friends that you’ve known indefinitely, and just recently you’ve found out that they’re having a monumental argument about something that was actually just a mildly nagging question in the back of your head. Even though you tend to agree with one more than the other out of sheer principle, you tend to get knocked off-balance sometimes by the other’s arguments.

Now picture you’re sitting one day and suddenly something snapped into place inside the world sitting on top of your shoulders. Suddenly, you’ve come to realise such a point that profoundly destroys the argument, turning what once was only a viewpoint of one side into a set of solid facts.

Imagine you’ve come to an answer of an incredibly huge debate just because your mind simply linked the argument with something else through a wild haymaker of a thought.

The question is, would you take the shot?

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Beginning of the Course’s end.

Posted by S-Ranker on Sunday,18th January, 2009

My end of term exams will start as of tomorrow. I have 4 exams to get through, finishing on the 26th. By then, my mind would have cleared just enough space for me to type out my very first official blog entry.

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Posted by S-Ranker on Saturday,17th January, 2009

I just started blogging, I’ll write mostly random stuff that will hopefully be insightful and humorous.

I’ll also hint on upcoming projects that I’ll be working on.

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