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Random thought train (FIRST OFFICIAL POST)

Posted by S-Ranker on Wednesday,24th March, 2010

Picture this.

You have two friends that you’ve known indefinitely, and just recently you’ve found out that they’re having a monumental argument about something that was actually just a mildly nagging question in the back of your head. Even though you tend to agree with one more than the other out of sheer principle, you tend to get knocked off-balance sometimes by the other’s arguments.

Now picture you’re sitting one day and suddenly something snapped into place inside the world sitting on top of your shoulders. Suddenly, you’ve come to realise such a point that profoundly destroys the argument, turning what once was only a viewpoint of one side into a set of solid facts.

Imagine you’ve come to an answer of an incredibly huge debate just because your mind simply linked the argument with something else through a wild haymaker of a thought.

The question is, would you take the shot?


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