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A take on human behavior A.K.A. Humans Are Crazy

Posted by S-Ranker on Sunday,4th April, 2010

I find myself often down, not depressed, but definitely not in joy either.

Building on this, I find myself rarely doing something that I end up being happy about. I mean, my standards and others standards (include time’s standard ((the invisible dimension, not the magazine))) are so out of sync: just last week, I ended up submitting a rushed paper that I felt was so goddamned pathetic that I didn’t even bother handing in a hard copy, and just stuck with submitting it online. Needless to say I got what was the only perfect grade out of all class members with a special (perhaps ‘only’) comment from the prof saying “very well written”. On the other side of the coin I just completed a logo design assignment that we were issued two weeks ago in two days, without an all-nighter, and feel so goddamn proud because I’ve been thinking it’ll be a last-minute rush, just like countless others.

People… well, at least me (in case someone someday provides definite disproof of my generalization ((that’s paranoia for ya))), have a tendency to crave the instantaneous minutes-long satisfaction of recent work instead of the long-term satisfaction of months, even years, worth of work: My last semester was arguably the only good one I had as of yet, with all but one of my subjects being A’s (the other one was B+), and then the whole satisfaction, quantified, from that event is dwarfed, even microsized, by the satisfaction I’ve just recently had about the logo project.

Humans Are Crazy. Given that I can still be called one.

Oh and I talked about this with a friend of mine (who’s ‘englishly’ challenged) and I stated: “Trouble is[,] my bar is so unhealthily high[,]  that I rarely feel it when I do something good. Sad i know XP”. And I think his response contains too many double o’d ‘lols’ and something among the lines of  ‘…still great that you enjoyed it…’ for me to safely assume he got what I meant, and not something that would make the writer of three’s company chew his fingernails in frustration (and I’m assuming it’s a ‘his’ because the media says only men are perverts ).


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