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Katana bullet deflection probability crunch:

Posted by S-Ranker on Thursday,8th July, 2010

Ever seen movies and anime where sword masters are able to deflect firearm projectiles and said to yourself:

‘How retarded, what are the chances of that happening?’

Well, you’re in luck, below is a dug up work of mine I once written to try to punch some sense into a friend who genuinely believed that ‘Samurai can block bullets’. I am not kidding.

Body surface area (BSA) for an average man is 1.9m^2; Wikipedia.

Divided percentage of BSA for each part of the body is displayed here.

In an actual situation, all surface area is within shooting range of a handgun except for one’s back, therefore 82% of the BSA is within firing range.

82% of 1.9m^2 is 1.558m^2

A katana’s length is 0.74m, and it’s width is 0.032m

I’m gonna be nice and pretend it’s a square area, and the the sword is held at width and not thickness, thereby increasing the area a little:


Finally, divide this by the BSA:


Multiply this by a hundred:

1.51% chance of success… that isn’t even a one in fifty.

And even if perchance they do cut a bullet, the remaining halves of the projectile would dig themselves into the weilder’s shoulders. That is only if the force moment of the bullet does not make their wrists come off of their arms.


2 Responses to “Katana bullet deflection probability crunch:”

  1. Tomturbine said

    i guess you don’t watch mythbusters. they both deflected and cut a bullet in half with a katana.

    • sranker said

      Yeah… You’re kinda missing the point I’m making. I’m not saying its impossible, I’m saying the chance for a human to effectively block a bullet with a Katana is extremely low. Aside from having superhuman reflexes and sight, and knowing that a shooter wouldn’t really aim at someone’s sword, the swordsman needs to effectively track and deflect the bullet. And furthermore, in mythbusters, the katana was mounted on a machine, not held by someone… so yeah…
      Anyway it’s awesome having my first comment.

      Tell me, from where did you get here?

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